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XFX Speedster QICK 3…

Clock Speeds: Base clock Up to: 1850 MHz Game Clock Up To: 1980 MHz* Boost clock Up to: 2190 MHz** Stream Processors:  3840 Memory Bus: 256bit Memory Clock: 16 Gbps Memory Size: 16 GB Memory Type: GDDR6 Card Profile:  2.7Slot Thermal Solution: 3 Fan *"Game Clock" is the expected GPU clock when running in typical gaming applications, set to typical TGP (Total Graphics Power). Actual individual game clock results may vary. **"Boost Clock" is the maximum frequency achievable on the GPU running a bursty workload. Boost clock achievability, frequency, and sustainability will vary based on several factors, including but not limited to: thermal conditions and variation in applications and workloads.